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      Its powerful innovative formula performs 7 combined actions to allow you to find your figure and get back in shape.

      1. Increases the fat-burning thermogenic effect
      2. Promotes fat reduction
      3. Reduces the sense of hunger
      4. Reduces the absorption of fats and sugars
      5. Helps sculpt fat mass
      6. Promotes normal blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
      7. Naturally speeds up your metabolism

      🍀 100% Natural

      🇮🇹 Made in Italy

      👨🏼‍🔬 Craftsmanship

      🥇 Top class certified natural raw materials

      🆕 Optimized premium quality formula

      ✅ High digestibility

      🌾 Gluten Free and Lactose Free

      1 Pack = 40 Treatment Days

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